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Free Sample Panty from Lane Bryant

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Once again we have a free sample straight from Lane Bryant. Scott is not as excited as before about this free sample. Seems that he didn’t really want to dress up like a girl and go through Costco getting his free samples of food. In fact we called them up to ask if he could and they didn’t seem to happy about the idea. But for those guys who can’t really get this free sample of panties but still want to wear something similar, there’s manties, the panties for men. I’m not making this one up. In fact here’s a photo:
free sample panties
Dudes can look all fem too!

There’s always the bro, the bra for men, too bad that never became a reality. Well turns out after all this free sample panty from Lane Bryant is for the ladies only!

Free Sample Panty from Lane Bryant
Via this link (this is a new sample!)

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